How do I put fractions in order?


Sometimes it's simplest to think of a pizza when determining how to put fractions in order. If you have one whole pizza, and you cut it into three pieces (or thirds), you can easily visualize that 2/3 of that pizza is bigger than 1/3 of it. What about 1/2 and 7/8 though? Think about the pizza again - this time put a second pizza next to it. Using the first pizza, cut it into 2 equal pieces and move one piece to a plate. You now have 1/2 of the pizza on the plate. Now cut the second pizza into 8 equal pieces and move 7 of those pieces to a plate. You now have 7/8 of that pizza on the plate. Compare the two plates - which plate has more pizza on it? Of course the answer is the one with 7/8!There are more complicated ways of figuring this out, but it's easiest to start out with this method and watch how everything else falls into place.
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There are a couple of ways that one could put fractions in order. The first way is turning the fractions into decimals by dividing the numerator by the denominator. This will give
if they had the same denominator just base on their numerator ,for exampe, 1/3 2/3 3/3.
1. Write down each of the fractions on a sheet of paper. For this example, assume the fractions you want to order are 12/17, 7/9, 4/13, 1/2 and 5/8. 2. Enter "12" then &
1. Groom up your fractions. The purpose is to have all the fractions listed as proper or improper fractions (no mixed fractions) and with all the denominators positive. Convert. any
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You can put fractions in ascending order by first writing them all over a common denominator. That way you can clearly see which fractions are larger and which ...
875 as a fraction can be written as 875/1 because it is a whole number. In mathematics, whole numbers can only be written as fractions by putting 1 as the denominator ...
One way to write 125 as a fraction is 125/1. In order for a fraction to equal 125, the denominator divided by the numerator must equal 125.The top number of a ...
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