How do you put Freon into an air conditioner?


To put Freon in an air conditioner you will need a Freon kit with compatible refrigerant, gloves, goggles, a mask and access to your air-conditioning unit. When properly prepared for the job, putting Freon into an air conditioner should only take a few minutes to complete.

  1. Put on the safety gear

    Adding Freon can be dangerous, so make sure you are properly protected. Put on gloves, mask and goggles before starting this process.

  2. Prepare the Freon kit

    Open up the Freon kit, and read any instructions that come with it. Often, there are two valves and two lines that must be connected before you can add Freon to your air conditioner. The kit should come with instructions specific to your valves and lines.

  3. Turn your air conditioner on to its highest setting

    Using the air conditioner's control panel, make sure it is on the highest possible setting. This is important because a high setting will allow the air conditioner to receive the Freon.

  4. Add Freon to the air conditioner

    Remove the refrigerant container from the kit, and attach it to the two valves, which were hooked up in the previous step. At this point, the air conditioner should begin drawing the Freon out of the kit and into itself. After the refrigerant container is emptied out, turn the air conditioner back off, and remove the valves.

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