How to Put Games onto a PSP Memory Stick?


To put games into a psp memory stick, first insert the appropriate memory stick into its slot on psp. Connect your psp to a USB cable, turn your psp on and find 'USB connection' in the settings menu. Create a folder named 'psp' on your memory stick: inside the psp folder create a file named 'games'. Select the game file(s) you want to transfer by dragging and dropping your file(s) into the games folder and safely remove the USB connection when transfer is done.
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1. Locate the torrent or ISO of the game you wish to play and download it onto your computer. The torrent is saved as an ISO file on your computer's hard drive. 2. Determine that
There is an emulator on the way.There is an emulator on the way but I wouldn't look forward to it. It will take up a lot of the memory stick's space and the ROMS will be too big.
Locate the torrent or ISO of the game you wish to play and download...
ISO files won't work unless your PSP Go is hacked and has custom firmware. If you do have custom firmware then the location should be just the same as to the regular memory card.
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To put PSP games onto a memory stick, start by locating the torrent or ISO of the game and ensure that your PSP runs on custom firmware. Then, connect the PSP console to the computer and then transfer the ISO file to your memory stick by clicking on the file and moving it to the selected drive. After that, disconnect the memory stick from your PC. Lastly, insert the memory stick into the port on the console and start the PSP to play.
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To play a game on the memory PSP stick, start by attaching the PSP to the computer using USB cable and the PC's USB cable. Then, download a homebrew game to your ...
To put games on your PSP memory card install Custom Firmware first. Next download the ISO/CSO of the game from torrent sites and then connect the PSP to your computer ...
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