How to Put on a Belt Buckle?


If you have a belt that allows you to change the buckle it can be done pretty easy. Start by unclasping the back of the belt buckle that is on and sliding it off. Then slide the new buckle on the belt and snap it into place.
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Customizing your belt by replacing the old, standard buckle with a new, Western-style buckle of your choice takes only seconds. The most important thing to make sure beforehand is
Many women wonder how to wear a belt buckle best. A decorative belt buckle is a fashion-forward accessory, but if you wear one poorly, you can turn this fashion do into a fashion
1 Count the holes of the buckle from the belt to the end of the buckle and number them in that sequence from one to four . Number one is the big hole formed by the connection bracket
Stick it in.
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How to Put a Belt Buckle on
Belt buckles can make instant fashion statements. You can find different style belt buckles in novelty stores, in specialty stores and at flea markets. Belt buckles modeled to a particular interest can be found, for example, at conventions tailored to... More »
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Cowboy belt buckles are usually detachable buckles that you can put on any belt. To put on a cowboy belt buckle you would need to pull your belt through the buckle ...
There are several parts which compose the buckle of a belt. The frame, bar, prong, and chape are the names of the parts. The frame is the basis for which the buckle ...
There are many different ways to make your own belt buckles. There are companies that offer users online tools to design their own belt buckles and then pay to ...
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