How to Put on a Dog Harness?


The Daily Puppy website has a 4 step process to put on a dog harness. The first step is to hide the harness when first approaching the dog otherwise the dog can get over excited. Step two is to tell the dog to sit between a the owner's legs with its face facing away and then if it is a regular harness put it over the dog's head and the legs through the front holes. Lastly fasten the belly band on the dog's back.
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1. Begin by holding the harness out in front of you. Notice it is made of four pieces of material-two circles and two straight pieces holding it together. Snap the buckle closed if
It would depend on what type of dog harness it is. If it is a fixed harness with two round circles connected by a single strap along the back, this would go on over the dog's head
1. Big loop round chest. 2. Little loop round neck 3. Part with no metal ring between front legs, 4. Part with metal ring goes on top, between shoulders, for lead to clip onto.
Type of harness? brand.... Most have a metal ring that winds up in the middle of the dogs back. The Easy Walker has a fabric loop and a metal ring that should be in the middle of
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To put on a dog harness, open the padded collar. Fold the breast plate in half and create an opening for the dog's head. Slip the harness over the dog's head and place the feet through the opening. Pull the tail piece and check that the harness fits the dog comfortably.
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