How to Put Out a Fireplace Fire?


There are a variety of ways to put out a fireplace fire. You can simply let it burn down. You could also pour sand over the entire fire to put it out faster.
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1. Spread out the logs and embers. Use the fireplace poker to keep the logs and embers separate from one another. 2. Bank the fire. Use the small fireplace shovel and bury the flaming
It's not too hard to build a fire in a fireplace. First, you can place some kindling in the middle of your fireplace's grate. Lay two pieces of wood on top of the kindling with the
1 Check that the damper is open. The damper is a device that controls the amount of air flowing through the flue. The flue is the passage or duct for smoke in a chimney. Feel inside
coal left from the wood or if you just use wood ash.
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Make sure the flu is open. Stagger the logs on the grate. Put paper under the grate as a starter. Put a lot of kindling in all the open spaces, to get the fire ...
Start with good seasoned firewood. Put crumpled newspaper on the bottom of the grate. Stagger the cut logs on top of the paper. Stick kindling wood in all the ...
Put a little newspaper in the bottom. Stack your logs at different angles on the grate. Stick smaller kindling in between the logs. Light the paper and enjoy. ...
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