How to Put Together a Daybed?


To put together a Daybed, all you need is to have the furniture piece assembled properly. Just follow the instruction manual and if you can't have it done properly, just have someone help you. These are good for reclining, siting and sleeping on.
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1. Attach one of the side railings to the back rail. Hold the side railing against the back rails at a 90-degree angle with both pieces upright. Insert one of the slug nuts into the
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1. Find and read the instructions carefully before doing anything. Become familiar with the instructions so that even if you do not remember everything, you have a basic idea of how
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How to Put a Daybed Together
Put a daybed together and let it serve as a couch during the day. The framing around the back and sides are designed to give the appearance of a spacious couch. Daybed pillows are made large to take up some of the width of the bed and give sturdy back... More »
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