How to Put up a Trampoline Net?


To put up a Trampoline net you fasten the enclosure poles to the trampoline legs and attach the top halves of the poles. Creep the foam sleeves over the poles, fasten the caps that come with your set on top of the poles, tie one end of the net onto a pole and stretch it over to tie it to the top of the next pole. Tie the net round all the poles, pull down the net and attach it to the top of the trampoline frame.
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About an hour or more :
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How to Put Up a Trampoline Net
Purchasing a trampoline can provide hoursof fun for children and adults alike. But in order to be as safe as possible while using a trampoline, attaching a safety enclosure net is paramount. In order to maintain the utmost safety, the enclosure net needs... More »
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