How to Put up a Washing Line?


To put up a washing line is a fabulous way to save electricity and money when drying clothes. All you need to do is take a sting or a wire, and tie it's ends to something solid like a tree or a pipe.
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1. Locate the drain hose at the rear of your washing machine. The hose is a plastic tube which protrudes from the water pump within the bottom of your machine. The hose is typically
1. Form a loop without a knot in the line. Ad. 2. Pass a short stick through loop. 3. Wind stick horizontally until line taut. 4. Using ordinary string or adhesive tape, bind each
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We had that happen once! All you can do is to keep removing foam-put it into the sink. Eventually, you will get to the end of it and the dishwasher will be good as new.
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