How to Put Waves in Your Hair?


To put waves in your hair, you can braid your hair into 4-6 braids when the hair is wet. Blow dry the braids, then release the braids. You will now have pretty waves in your hair!. You can use mousse to define the waves if you would like.
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To put waves in your hair, separate dry hair into sections, wrap each section loosely around a hot curling iron, release them and gently rustle your hair.
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There are various ways of adding wave to your hair. You may want to purchase an undulating iron if you're looking for something less permanent. If you want something a little more
1 Wash your hair as normal. Blot it with a towel ( don't rub, as the friction badly damages hair and causes split ends) until it isn't dripping, but is still quite damp. Ad 1 Put
You can wave hair really easily with a hair straightener. All you do is pre-straighten the hair so it's not frizzy or sticking up anywhere and then when you're ready to start waving
You have to like curl it first then shake your hair a little bit then brush it and you have waves and. it works with me.
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Some things you will need to have on hand when you put waves in you hair are: a hot wet towel, a natural stiff bristle brush, a good hair pomade or hair oil. ...
Putting waves in straight hair is fairly easy. You can put your wet hair in curlers overnight or you can put your dry hair in hot rollers. ...
An old-fashioned way to put curls/waves into hair is to cut up an old towel into rag strips about six-eight inches long and an inch and a half wide give or take. ...
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