How do you put weave in your hair?


Weave can be put into your hair in several ways. You can glue in weave tracks, or have the weave braided into your hair. Some people prefer to have weave sewn into their hair because it will last the longest.
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There are many ways to put in weave. You can sew it in, your can glue the weave in, or bond it. When you sew in weave, you will have to braid your real hair then sow the weave tracks
1. Shampoo and deep condition the hair before beginning the micro weave hair extensions. Make sure the hair is dry before starting the cornrows. 2. Leave out a section on the crown
By braiding the hair and sewing in a track, or by gluing and placing the track in a molded canvas. Other ways are to glue fusion (strand by strand) braid with micro- braiding or wigs
1. Wash your hair thoroughly. Ad. 2. Make sure you have proper lighting when observing your hair color, like sunlight or 75watt bulbs. 3. Dry your hair without adding oils or conditioners
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To put a 27 piece weave, start by adding gel to the person's natural hair. Then convey pipe systems for bulk good handling and dust extraction. Next, take the ...
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You can have the weave sewn in the same day. You can have your hair braided while it is wet because it is better to braid while wet since the hair will expand. ...
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