How do you put weave in your hair?


Weave can be put into your hair in several ways. You can glue in weave tracks, or have the weave braided into your hair. Some people prefer to have weave sewn into their hair because it will last the longest.
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1. Gather the celebrity hair weave that you have and lay it out on a flat surface, such as your counter or vanity. Read and review the specific instructions of the hair weave if you
Applying hair extensions may seem challenging at first, but the process is not too difficult to understand. There are two kinds of hair available for weaving. The first type consists
1. Cornrow braid your hair into a beehive pattern. Begin at the nape (the back) and part the hair around the perimeter of your head about half an inch thick. Hold the hair in the
First use shampoo to wash hair, clean hair allows hair glue to stick better. Oily or dirty hair may cause the extensions to fall or slide off soon after they are applied. Blow dry
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To weave and braid you hair, you need to buy the weave at well known vendors then pin a portion of the hair in order to prevent it from disturbing the process. ...
To put a 27 piece weave, start by adding gel to the person's natural hair. Then convey pipe systems for bulk good handling and dust extraction. Next, take the ...
You can have the weave sewn in the same day. You can have your hair braided while it is wet because it is better to braid while wet since the hair will expand. ...
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