How to Put Your Hair in a French Roll?


To do french roll, brush your hair back while spraying it with aerosol to smoothen it. Brush the hair again and pull it backwards to the left side of the head. Form a vertical line by holding your hair using bobby pins and then roll your hair clock wise using a rat tail comb. Hold the hair in the roll using bobby pins and spray aerosol on it, to smooth any stray hairs or bumps.
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1. Section out your bangs if you have them and brush your hair back while spraying an aerosol hairspray to smooth it out. 2. Brush and pull your hair in the back almost all the way
First backcomb with a large paddle brush. Next smooth out hair without combing out the backcomb, brushing it to one side. Using pins, pin hair straight up the back. Next gather remaining
To put your hair in a french twist, use your hands to smooth and gather your hair into a
Hair straightner
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To put your hair in a French roll be sure that you have all the supplies that you will need. Comb all of you hair back and begin to twist it down by your neck. ...
Rolling your hair is a good way to keep your harir healthy and to acheive a fabulous do. But rolling your hair without any traing can be pretty frustrating ...
To put your hair into a French twist, grab your hair in the back of your head in a ponytail and start twisting and rolling your hair towards your head. Use hair ...
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