How to Race Co2 Cars.?


1. Divide a space on a flat surface that is at least 7 inches wide and some 20 feet long as a race track to race the cars. To divide the space, use books, bricks, or whatever you have on hand that will not topple over or break if a car hits it. You
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How to Race Co2 Cars
You don’t have to have a fancy race track to race CO2 cars. All you really need are two CO2 cars with all the accessories, even a CO2 car launcher is optional. CO2 car racers, or dragsters, have been made by seventh and eighth grade students for a... More »
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use the 06 corvette because of its aerodynamic's on balsa wood since its real light and somewhat has strength for its weight.
First you have to buy the body kit and sketch a car design. There are websites that give you a step by step action to building this car.
1. First, obtain your piece of balsa or basswood and drill a ¾” hole in the center of one end of the block, 83mm long. 2. Sketch the outline of your car design on one
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A Co2 race car is a miniature racing car which has a rocket-powered by a carbon dioxide cartridge that is usually pierced to start the release of the gas. These ...
The fastest CO2 cars the ones that are not heavy but light. There are other factors that contribute to speed of the car. The shape of tire and lubrication of axle ...
When designing CO2 race cars, you want to make them light, and narrow. This will help them be more arrow dynamic and faster. Make it light enough to be as fast ...
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