How to Raise a Baby Racoon?


A baby raccoon should be raised with other raccoons, but if it's alone, you can still raise it. You must keep it warm. You can feed it Pedialyte and some milk watered down. Follow the instructions on this website for more information:
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Raccoons are wild animals whether they are babies or not. You should never take one in as a pet or try to feed or take care of it. Be sure to contact your local wildlife rehabilitator to figure out how to best handle it.
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Baby raccoons are really cuddly and cute, but be careful! Mommy and daddy are actually very dangerous! Babies drink milk from their mothers for three months before they can eat solid
A kit.
1. Check with your state department of agriculture or their local association regarding any permit requirements for your specific area and inquire about any restrictions or general
The raccoon baby is known as a kit.
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When raising baby raccoons you should try and see that you keep them warm and you can do this by raising more than only Racoon so they can warm each other. Nurse ...
The young one of a raccoon is called a cub. A male raccoon is known as a boar whereas the female is called a sow. Raccoons are generally omnivorous nocturnal mammals ...
Just like people at birth, baby racoons drink milk. They feed on their mommies for three months before being weaned to eat solid food after that they eat whatever ...
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