How to Raise a Bed?


I bought some things at Bed, Bath & Beyond called bed risers and these lifted my bed 6 inches and gives me room to store things underneath the bed. They come in a set of 4 and cost under $20.00.
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How to Raise a Bed
Raising a bed can add valuable storage space under the mattress. It is also a popular option because many people enjoy the feel of a higher bed. You can purchase bed risers, sometimes called bed lifters, from most home improvement stores. Some bed risers... More »
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1. Plant green bean seeds directly into the raised bed. Bush beans work best in a raised bed for maximum use of space. Plant seeds 9 per square foot. This would mean planting green
1. Purchase bed risers. Bed risers come in a wide variety of styles, so choose some that match your bedroom decor. Some bed risers are adjustable and can be raised higher or lower
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