How to Raise a Ceiling?


The best way to raise a ceiling is to remove the existing roof first, then prop of the roof. Frame the new roof height out and then wall it and reattach the old roof.
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It surely can be done. You must consider roof type and spacing available. You may want to hire a professional. It is a daunting task even for professionals. For more information see here: ;
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1. Place a straight edge or a tape measure against the raised ceiling tile at the spot where it must be cut. 2. Draw a line along the straight edge or tape measure using a marker.
Ron Paul has no idea what he is talking about. Immediate impact is that the US Treasury will not be able to pay the US government's bills. This includes Social Security payments,
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Generally, it is not a good idea to raise a room celing on our own if you have very little to no exerience in doing this task. This is because you could not only ...
No I am not in favor of it. It has become an arbitrary limit that has no ends in sight. If the govt pays on its debt first and cuts back on outdated services and ...
This move is largely symbolic. Speaker Boehner needs to show his caucus how futile their idealistic ideas of cutting their way to prosperity really are and that's ...
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