How to Raise a Pit Bull?


Raising and caring for an American Pit Bull Terrier is very rewarding. Feed, water and exercise your Pit Bull daily. Early socialization and training can prevent many problems from developing.
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How to Raise a Pit Bull
The pit bull has been the victim of negative press and the images of dog fighting and violence inflicted on the breed by uncaring individuals. Those who prize the pit bull for its loyalty and intelligence have a lot to overcome, and raising a pit bull... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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1. Establish yourself as the pack leader. Pit bulls - and other types of dogs - will easily step into an in-charge role if a strong pack leader is not present. Making the dog understand
Pit bulls are only illegal in certain municipalities as they are known to be an aggressive species of dog, although many pit bulls respond as such due to their environment and lack
It is impossible to accurately predict the numberof Pittbulls
....Why isn't "your friend" asking this question? And why is "your friend" getting a pitbull without first doing a ton of research? You train a pitbull like every
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I have two pit bulls I raised from pups. They are great dogs. To properly raise them you need to start out with knowing you are the boss. They are very active ...
Raising American Pit Bull Terriers can be very rewarding. Daily feeding, watering and exercise will be required. Training and socialization are necessary for having ...
I have raised several Pit bulls and they make wonderful companions. First be sure they keep their shots up to date. Pit bulls love attention and hates being ...
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