How do you raise boys?


Boys are alot harder than girls are. You still have to get on to them just like you do with girls. Teach them things like you do girls. You really do the same things as you would for girls.
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Get dirty with them. Get stinky with them. If they get messy, laugh and enjoy it. You cant do this with girls. Its OK if they want to cook, clean, garden and shop! Teach them these
Denying bad behavior is typical of children, and for you to get exasperated and play the morality card. "Lying is the worst thing you can do," you tell your children. "
1. Choose a large tank with a good ventilation system that is easy to clean. Oscars can commonly outgrow a 30-gallon tank within a year. They require frequent water changes as they
1. Understand cichlid temperament. Cichlids are proud, aggressive and territorial fish. They do not swim peacefully next to their neighbors, singing fishy songs of harmony and love.
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