How to Raise Crawfish?


To raise crawfish, you need a big pond with alot of water. If you are going to put them in an aquariam, put rocks into it because they like privacy. Don't put other fish in with them. This website gives good information on raising crawfish.
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There are many articles online about raising crawfish to make a profit, and the main thing you need to aquire is some large aquariums, and/or a pond in your area that is the right enviroment for the type of crawfish you want to raise.
Crawfish are tiny crustacean sea dwellers that look like small lobsters, but have the taste of a combination of lobster and shrimp. They are a popular southern treat and can often be found in Louisiana Cajun cooking. Crawfish can be caught as well as raised and most crawfish farmers grow their fish in a pond using rice as a crawfish bed. make sure the water level in the pond remains sufficient and the pH balance remains neutral.
You will need a crawfish pond. This can be built from an old rice field, most preferably. If not, make sure that you have flat ground. You will need to check your pH levels, ammonia levels, water hardness and many other things. The better your water quality is, the more productive your crawfish will be. You will need to stock your adult crawfish in the spring. You will drain your pond from June to August to allow your crawfish to reproduce under the mud and then re-flood your pond in September. You will then harvest your crop until March, and then you will start the process all over again.
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A pond with rice growing in it. This is how they raise crawfish down in Louisiana. Then you set traps each year. You can actually harvest the rice too.
1. Realize the cost. Most crawfish farmers double their crop with rice. If you are using a natural pond bed for your farm then you will not have to worry as much. Unfortunately pond
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From what I understand, crawfish farming is a relatively low start up business, but you won't start seeing real results and become self sustaining for about a ...
If you are planning on raising crawfish at home, first find a tank that is at least 5 gallons, and fill it with at least 4 inches of water. Then add rocks and ...
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