How to Raise Earthworms?


If you have some good rich soil in a flower bed or another area in your yard, keep it moist and pretty soon when you dig in the area you will find earthworms. It depends on how you want to use the earthworms. The method mentioned will certainly provide enough for fishing.
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Raising earthworms is very simple and can be a profitable business. You can find your own worms or buy them from a dealer. Take a bathtub and cut out the bottom, burying some of the
1. Research the local ordinances regarding starting a small agricultural business on your property. Determine the local requirements for a small business license. 2. Set up pre-purchased
You can raise earthworms in your backyard or in a plastic storage container. All you need is bedding, moisture and food. You can feed them your kitchen scraps or composted manure.
When you start taking care of earthworms, bear in mind that you are actually looking after some "living" creatures. Yes, as soil dwellers, they may easily survive in less-than-ideal
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1. Purchase three opaque plastic bins. Earthworms prefer living in the dark. If you are only able to purchase clear bins, cover them with a blanket to keep the ...
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