How to Raise Frogs?


In order for someone to raise frogs, you will need to know as much information as possible about them, so that you can understand their needs.
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1. Get together your tadpole supplies before you collect any tadpoles. Use an old fish tank to keep your tadpoles, and allocate 2 to 3 tadpoles to each gallon of water. Tadpoles need
1 Get some frogspawn. Find a place where there are a few pools or streams (though habitats can vary, again, depending on what frog you're after). To collect frogspawn, you'll need
they take them to mc donalds to eat lol.
It's difficult to keep a small froglet or toadlet alive, because they require living food,
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The African albino frogs are easy to raise. You need to get a tank if water. This type of frog stays in water all through. You need at least 5 gallons of water ...
Thinking it might be exciting to watch little tadpoles go through their life cycle and become frogs? This can be a great educational opportunity for the family. ...
One good thing about making homemade costumes is that they can be made as elaborate or plain as one would like. For example, a frog costume can be green with raised ...
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