How do you raise money for school?


Schools can establish extra funds by doing fundraisers. They can be done in a more traditional method by bake sales, or car washes along with selling of items. There are also online options available
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1. Contact local stores and businesses for donations that can be raffled off (such as gift certificates or electronics). Then hold a "tricky tray," an event in which participants
1 Decide on how you will start raising money. Some ideas are a lemonade stall, bake sale or even a car wash. Whatever you decide, you just need to keep working at it until you reach
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You could go dog walking. Charge 3 Pounds per dog. I also sell the snacks my mum gives me for school. (A packet of roast chicken crisps might sell for 50 pence. Car washing is an
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Ideas on How to Raise Money for a School
Schools can use extra money in so many ways, such as construction projects, new computers, upgraded classroom furniture or extended programs for the arts. Often the school budget falls short of supplying every need. State and federal grants might provide... More »
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