How to Raise Nightcrawlers?


To raise night crawlers, use a plastic bin and make holes then cover the bottom with mesh and silicone sealer. Add soil and peat moss halfway and cover it with shredded newspaper then damp it with water from a spray bottle. Next push it aside and put worms in the bin then tuck it back on top of the soil and keep them in a cool place.
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1. Dig some nightcrawlers from your garden or other area where you are allowed to dig; early spring is the best time to find these worms in your garden. Start with about a handful
If you are using a Worm Factory: Ensure that your Worm Factory is clean and set up properly. Cut a clean square pice of cardboard that will fit over the bottom of the tray and then
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To raise night crawlers you will need moist dirt and a bright light above the dirt pile. Loosely pack the dirt to allow the worms to burrow through. You can find more information here:
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