How to Raise Peacocks?


In order to raise peacocks you need to place them in a pen that does not contain any other birds. This breed of birds do not work well with other birds. You can find more information here:
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Peacocks need adequate shelter from the elements, good food and water and a place to be protected. You will need to give them room to roam. Learn as much as you can about these animals before trying to raise them.
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1. Set up a coop for your peafowl. They are larger than most species of chicken, but a regular coop made of chicken wire, sturdy posts, and a shelter is adequate for peafowl. They
Like a hen does her chick.
Although pea fowls are originally from Asia, raising peacocks has grown in popularity even in the country because of the beautiful plumage that the male peacock has. Peacock feathers
They lift in a shimmery dance of courtship. Males also do this as an act of
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1. Set up your coop before purchasing your birds. Peacocks need a coop with a sturdy shelter that is at least 20 feet long, 30 feet wide and 12 feet tall, as the ...
Peacock eels are also known as Siamese spiny eels, make excellent aquarium pets. To raise peacock eels you will need to layer the bottom of the aquarium with sand ...
Peacocks originated in India, but can be found or raised anywhere these days. If you can keep fowl like chickens, you can raise peacocks. I live in Arizona and ...
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