How do you reprogram a car remote?


To reprogram a car remote you will need to put it into the ignition and turn it on and off eight tines. Next press one of the buttons and turn your key into off. You will need to wait until the doors unlock and lock. You can then get out of the vehicle and test you remote.
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1. Sit in the car with all of the doors and the trunk completely closed. Turn the key in the ignition to the "On" position by turning it only until the dash light comes
If you want to program a keyless remote, you will need to have the directions handy. You will then find the brand of the in the directions packet.
1. Turn on the electronic device that you wish to control with your RCA wireless universal remote. You will need to turn it on manually by pressing the power button on the actual
1. Press and hold down the "PRG" or "Program" button for three seconds until the light on the remote turns on, then release the button. When you release the "
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To program a viper remote, you must place your key in the cars ignition and turn the key to the 'on' position. Then press and hold the 'program' button on the ...
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To program a Nissan keyless remote get in the car and lock all the doors. Insert the key and remove at least 6 times. If done properly the hazard lights will flash ...
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