How to Read a Bank Cheque?


Most bank checks are fairly standard. The name and address of the payee is usually found in the upper left corner. The date appears in the upper right corner. The name of the party to whom the check is payable appears on the first line of the mid-section. The line just below contains the amount of the check, written in words and the amount is again repeated in numerical format just to the right. The bottom right corner carries the signature of the payee.
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Bank cheques are all set up using the same information. The owner's personalized information will be at the top of the cheque. The 'payee' is located in the middle of the cheque along with the amount. The amount will be written in numbers and words. The owner has a memo line on the bottom left corner and his signature will be located on the bottom right. Along the bottom edge of the cheque is the check number, the bank's routing number, and the owner's account number. These numbers are encoded and read by a computer. For more information look here:;
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1. Fill in the date of the cheque in the upper right hand corner. Note that in Canada the preferred date format is the day, the month and the year (dd/mm/yyyy) 2. Write the name of
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because it costs the banks money to process and cash checks. With the banks it is all about money. Also if people use ATMs they make more money. It is not about security it is about
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Numbers at the bottom of a check are the bank routing number on the left hand side. This identifies the bank and the branch of the bank. Then you will have your ...
A Canadian cheque has three sets of numbers printed on the bottom left portion. In order they are: the check number, the transit number and bank branch code, and ...
Here is what you need to know to read a cheque: the top right side of the cheque will have the date on it, the first line the payee, the second one the amount ...
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