How to Read a Bone Scan?


To read a bone scan you need to identify the cold spots which are the areas that are not very bright on the scan. This means that there is poor blood flow to that area or the bone is damanged. If all areas appear the same, then the scan is normal.
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1. Examine the bone scan picture for areas that are brighter because of increased concentration of the radioisotope. 2. Identify these brighter areas as "hot spots" or areas
Reading a bone scan requires specific information. First you must be able to identify what part of the body has been scanned if there is no label on the scan. You will also need to
Bone scans are one radiological method that is used to examine the bones. During this procedure, a radioactive dye is injected into the veins. As the dye passes through it gives off
1. Obtain a copy of your bone scan images. You can usually get these from your doctor. Sometimes you are allowed to review the originals in the office. 2. Identify the bones in the
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