How to Read a Canadian Cheque?


A Canadian cheque has three sets of numbers printed on the bottom left portion. In order they are: the check number, the transit number and bank branch code, and finally, your account number.
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Like American checks, Canadian cheques have their most important numbers at the bottom. They are separated into 5 designations. The first three are the cheque number. The second five are the branch numbers. The third three are the Bank Institution numbers. The fourth set are 4 designation numbers. The last 7 are the account numbers.
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1. Look at the cheque, starting in the upper left-hand corner. The name of the account holder should be in this corner. It should have the name, address, city and state, zip code
Under CPA Rule A4, Section 21, a cheque is considered stale-dated after six months, unless it has been certified. Although it may be returned through the clearing for that reason,
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I expect it is the same procedure in Canada as it is in Ireland where I live. You bring the cheque to the foreign Exchange desk, the teller there will tell you what the Can. equivalent
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