How to Read a Framing Square?


A framing square has two arms. One is a 24 inch arm called the 'blade,' and the other is a shorter arm called the tongue. The square has a board foot scale, a diagonal scale, and an octagonal scale. For more information look here: Reading and Using a Framing Square;
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A speed square is used to measure many things, but what it is most commonly used for is to measure angles. The complete name for this device is called a Swanson Speed Square. To find
1. Figure out the height and distance of your project. If you are building stairs decide how high you want your steps. Put the framing square on the edge of a 2 by 12. Put a mark
Draw a 4 ft line on something, lay the square on the centre of line and now draw an upright line along the leg of your square. Now flip the square so it's on the other side of the
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