How to read a fuel gauge?


The fuel gauge is one of the meters on your car's dashboard. The marking on the fuel gauge runs from full tank to 1/2 tank, to 1/4 tank and then E or empty. To read a fuel gauge check to see where the pointer is located and if it gets to E, it means you may have about two gallons remaining before you car run out of fuel.
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1. Turn on the vehicle. The air fuel gauge is connected to the oxygen sensor in your engine, but it won't get any readings if your car isn't running. Once the car is running you can
check wiring at fuel tank where fuel pump is located.
A lot of taxis in Buenos Aires have been converted to natural gas. This conversion may be why the regular fuel gauge reads empty. There may be a second gauge for the natural gas tank
Fuel Tank Sending Unit may be with pump.
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Fuel gauge can be analog or digital. Analog fuel gauge are directly controlled by floating level sensor. Look where the needle points to. Digital fuel gauges directly show volume in digits.
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