How to Read a Line Graph?


A line graph usually shows how something has either progressed or digressed over a period of time. On the left there will usually be the years as to what they are accounting for and the bottom will usually have the amount of money.
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With a line graph, you are basically only looking for a couple things. If the line points to the right, then it is increasing. If the line points to the left then it is decreasing. The 'y' intercept is the variable at which the line intersects the 'y' axis and the slope of the line is calculated as the rise over the run.
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It is a type of graph that is most useful in displaying data that changes continuously. The variables are plotted along an axis to compare two variables. You can create one in Excel
1. Measure the original image with your ruler. Note the length and width. Decide how large you want each box on your graph to be. One-inch-by-one-inch is a good starting point. 2.
The line graph was invented by Rene Descartes. Descartes is noted for being proficient in French philosophy, mathematics and physics. I'm not sure if Rene was a male or female though
1 Graph a regular line. Ad 2 Shift it along the y-axis. 3 Move the points on the first line equal distance up or down. Do not shift the points left or right. Ad
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It is easier to read because it can be not as cluttered as a bar graph or scatter plot graph. ...
Stock graphs (charts) are not as hard to read as they seem. When you first look at a chart you will see a group of lines which resembles an EKG. The lines are ...
1. Draw lines so you can see the information in terms of rows and columns if the lines are not already present. 2. Look at the information in the rows. This data ...
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