How to Read a Prescription?


To read a prescription the viewer simply needs to understand a few basic ideas. The first thing to know is that the prescription will be written in its generic name. The prescription may be filled in a brand name, but the generic name will be the actual product that a person receives. Abbreviations on the prescription can mean a number of things and a person will have to learn about these abbreviations to fully understand the prescription. For example, gm refers to grams and ac means before a meal. The viewer may also see wording such as ?1 3x daily? which mean one dose three times daily. This can be applied to any dosing pattern.
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The main distinctions of the eye prescription are the S which is the spherical portion that reads the nearsightedness, or the farsightedness, C measures the level of astigmatism,
1. Take note of the numbers your doctor is writing down during your eye exam. Ask questions and ask what each measurement refers to. This will give you a better understanding of the
1 Look up the meaning of abbreviations on the script. Common abbreviated instructions include: QD (every day) OD (once daily) BID (twice a day) TID (three times a day) QAM (every's-Prescriptio...
Sets standards of desirable practices for disclosure of compliance.
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