How to Read a Sundial?


The sundial needs to be flat and facing north, then when the shadow casts over it you look at the markings on the side of the sundial to tell the time.
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To read a Sundial that is properly calibrated for your location and season, just look at where the shadow points. The pointer in the middle's shadow should point to a number on the
When the sun is shinning on the sundial, the shadow will move from
1. Determine what the latitude is for the place where you live. You can do this by locating your town on a map which features latitude and longitude. 2. Use the Sundial Hour Line
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How to Read a Sundial
Sundials have been used since ancient times to tell the time of day. They use shadows cast by a gnomon onto a chart of times on the dial. Differences in global positioning need to be accounted for to read the sun dial correctly if you want to know the... More »
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In order to read a sundial, there are a few calculations that must be made. First, you have to set the sundial according your longitude and latitude. You can find more information here:
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