How to Read a Survey Map?


It isn't any harder to read a survey map than a regular map if you know what you are looking at. The main difference in a survey map is it reflects the topography of a area.
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Survey maps are like any other map. They represent the area using given symbols and units of measurement. With surveying the important key words to remember are 'township and range.' You will want to become familiar with these two terms as well as use of a compass. If you do not have any of these skills no worries, the internet is for learning. For more information look here: Information on Township and Range.;
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Reading a land survey is not hard at all. Open it up on a table, locate the legend, which included major roads and landmarks. Each square on the grid equals one square mile. Now walk
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1. Because meridians in this system do not use degrees, land can be divided into smaller units. Locate the principal meridian, the reference or main survey line in your state. This
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You have to understand the symbols on the map which are given on the inside of the cover. You have to have a compass or know how to work out which way is north ...
Reading a survey map is not difficult, and in most ways is similar to reading any other map. Make sure you know what type of survey map you're reading, and check ...
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