How do you read a Vernier caliper?


A Vernier caliper is read by looking at aligned tick marks that read centimeters, millimeters and tenths of a millimeter on a sliding scale, according to the Southern Methodist University Department of Physics. The error of a Vernier caliper is 0.05 millimeters.

The main scale of a Vernier caliper is the reading that is to the left of zero on the tenth of a millimeter sliding scale. Then, the next reading is taken by the closest congruent line. If the 0.08 centimeter line is most closely aligned to another line on the scale below it, the final reading includes 0.08 centimeter. The tenth of a millimeter line is read by alignment only, no matter what the millimeter reading is below it. If no line exactly matches up, the closest one is taken, and the reading is then approximated.

One common mistake occurs when someone tries to read the closest line to zero, rather than the one to the left of the zero line. Another possible mistake happens when someone finalizes the tenths of a millimeter mark on a Vernier caliper. These readings are made by rounding to the nearest mark as if there was no such precision with the instrument.

A Vernier caliper measures diameters and widths of objects between two jaws that close tightly on objects. The tighter the calipers, the more precise the measurements.

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1. Review the Vernier caliper's parts. Notice how it has movable jaws and two measuring scales. One of the measuring scales moves with the jaws. Use the large jaws to measure objects
0 on the movement part is indicate actual number ,now if 0 is in between lines ,then you should check the numbers after 0 from 1 to 9 each number when is exact line up with measure
1. Close the caliper all the way to make sure no light can be seen through the jaws. If there is this means the caliper needs to be clean thoroughly or there is a metal burr on the
We need two readings. One is Main scale reading and the other is vernier scale reading. Main scale reading will be read on the main scale. We need an indicator to read it. Right?
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How to Read a Vernier Caliper
Not everything that you measure with a ruler or a measuring tape is going to measure perfectly. There's a tendency to estimate the fraction measurement, then add it to the total. A Vernier caliper removes that guess work and brings the measurement down... More »
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