How do you read Ford VIN numbers?


Most vehicle vin numbers are located in the left hand corner of the dashboard in your vehicle. It should be on a little silver metal plate.
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To read a Vin number aka vehicle identification number you would simply read the numbers and letters from right to left. Every has their own VIN number. Look here for more information
1. Identify the first and second digits of the VIN; the first digit indicates the country of origin and the second digit indicates the car manufacturer. For the 1998 Ford Contour,
1. Approach a Chrysler dealer for a table of what the individual numbers mean. Understanding the importance of place value is just the first step. The next step is looking up the
Numbers that are less than 100 are often read normally, while those that are three digits that end in 00, they are read saying the first number and hundred as in 200 being read as
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How to Read a Ford Vin Number
You can find out a variety of information about your Ford car or truck by decoding its vehicle identification number. Your vehicle's VIN number is unique to it and provides information about where it was manufactured, when it was manufactured and what... More »
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You may want to know how to read Ford VIN numbers if you are shopping around for a new or used Ford vehicle or thinking about becoming a Ford dealer. The first three positions are for the world manufacturer identifier, the fourth position is for the restraint system, the fifth through seventh position is to identify the line, series, and body type, the eighth position refers to the engine type, the ninth position refers to the check digit, the 10th digit refers to the model year, the 11th position identifies the assembly plant, and the last group of numbers is the production sequence number.
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Each character of the VIN represents something different. The 1st identifies the country where the auto was manufactured. The 2nd identifies the manufacturer ...
To read a Dodge VIN number locate the VIN plate. The first number will determine the country in which your Dodge was manufactured. The second digit is the make ...
VW VIN numbers have a meaning. You can decode the VIN numbers easily. The first letter will be where the car was manufactured. For the VW it reads W which means ...
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