How do you read milliamps?


Milliamps is the SI unit of electric current and is one of the seven SI base units named after André-Marie Ampère, a French mathematician and physicist. It is also a rating for batteries. A milliampere hour is 1000th of an ampere hour and so when you understand the scale of ten taught in basic algebra the you can be able to read it.
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1. Switch on the multimeter. If it has a "Battery Test" feature, use it before proceeding further, and replace the battery if it fails the test. Select the "Milliamp&
a MILLIAMP is 1/1000 of an Amp. If your current will read less than 1 AMP, then use the Milliamp (mA) scale. 1 mA = 1/1000 A = 0.001 A. 10 mA = 10/1000 A = 1/100 A = 0.01 A. 100 mA
1 amp=1000 milliamps
There are 1000 milliamp's in an Amp. Thanks!
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