How to Read Namaz?


Namaz is to pray or perform the Salat in the Islamic religion. This particular prayer is recited in the Arabic language.The Namaz is taught by a reliable, knowledgeable teacher of the Arabic language. Check this site for instructions on how to perform the Namaz.
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The Namaz prayer is more commonly called Salat. It is a formal Islamic prayer that is supposed to be recited five times every day bu practicing Muslims. For more information look here: English text with prayer directions ;
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you will enter heaven.
They are prayed in sets of 2 rakah. You can pray anywhere from 8 rakah to 20. Just recite surah al-faatiha like any normal prayer and then recite from the beginning of the Qur'aan
Each time before fardh and/ or after Fardh Do some Nafle with Niyya that it to be treated as one of the prayer lost. You get both the benefit of loss compensation as well as Nafle.
Thanks for your question. However, my expertise is ONLY in answering questions Muslims have regarding the Islamic and the Christian view of Christianity and its teaching. I answer
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To read Fajr Namaz you need to do a Sunnat rakat and then a Fard rakat. The rakats are performed in a set of two in their order. For more on performing the Fajr ...
The shia namaz should be read as a daily routine: this involves reading the namaz five times a day at regular and fixed intervals. Before you begin reading the ...
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