How to Read Your Dd214?


The DD-214 is the standard form issued by branches of military when a member retires, is separated from service for more than three months, or is discharged. The layman term is 'separation papers'. 
Most of the information is decipherable: name, date of birth, social security number. Other information is more cryptic and you'll need to reference a list of separation numbers (SPN codes) to understand it. A sample DD-214: Information for various branches of service: Military separation codes:
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Reading your DD214 is not really that hard. Most of it is your personal information, the address of the unit you were in last, your home of record, and your current rank. The middle portion is basically all your awards, ribbons, jobs and identifiers. The bottom is how long you served, and your discharge type, honorable, dishonorable etc.
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1. Locate personal identification information in Blocks 1 through 6. The block labels in this section are self-explanatory. Block 6 only applies to reservists or those with a reserve
William: Are you being discharged because you can't obtain a clearance? That's what you seem to be saying. I'm surprised that the Navy wouldn't let you change rates. Unless they
where to find the service number in a dd214 united states navy.
What part are you having trouble reading? It's just like any other form the military uses. It has blanks filled in with cryptic code.
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