How to Really Scare Someone?


One way to really scare someone is to put on a scary costume, like a Freddy Kruger costume, and jump out and run after them when they least expect it. Be careful if you are scaring someone who might run after you with a baseball bat.
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It really depends on what a person is afraid of. With that being said, sneaking up behind them and yelling, 'Boo', usually does the trick. Be weary of scaring someone who has a heart
1. Bark louder. Everyone has heard the phrase that refers to a dog’s bark being louder than their bite, many times it is the dog’s bark that is enough to avoid confrontation
1 Find out things about the person you wanna be scared of. Do they smoke under age? do they drink under age? do they do drugs? Are they a bully? Find out, but don't ask them. They
Ichthyophobia is the Fear of fish. Got another question
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To scare someone really badly that is afraid of spiders, mice, or snakes, fill a room with the fake version of that critter. Then, ask that person to go get something ...
To scare someone, you need to find what the person fears most and give it to them as a surprise. Each person has a fear which varies from one person to another ...
Scaring people is so fun on Halloween. The best way to scare someone is to jump out at them. Get a really big box and decorate it. Poke small holes in it so ...
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