How to Reassemble a Crosman Air Gun?


To assemble an air Rifle Blue Streak, direct the rifle in a safe direction. Slip the bolt into the chamber and let the bolt handle up. Push the back sight under the slider and loosen the slider to lock it into position. Push the sight forth or rearward to regulate the wind age and elevation. Push the ammunition magazine open. Add the .20-caliber pellets into the magazine and then close the bolt after filling. Pump the rifle at the wooden pump to be ready for firing.
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1. Check to ensure that your lubricant reservoir is at the required level for optimal operation. This can cause mechanical malfunctions if not properly maintained. As all Crosman
You need to state the model number. If you want to take the time go to the Crosman link below and locate your model it will most likely have a parts diagram to identify parts and
Just call Crosman at 1-800-7AIRGUN & ask for a manual for your M70. If your gun has a serial number, make sure to have it ready. They will be gald to help you out!
Just visit Crosman's website and follow the link down at the bottom for the owner's manual. When you scroll down to the 357, there will be an exploded parts diagram. It's a it of
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