How to Recharge a Magnet?


Any magnet can be recharged simply by using another powerful magnet. You will need to stroke the magnet several times in the same direction with the good magnet using just one pole.
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Stroke it in the same direction a few dozen times with just one pole of a powerful permanent magnet. Lots of people try to do it using both poles of a horseshoe-shaped magnet but
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How to Recharge Magnets
Sometimes magnets lose their magnetism. This can happen if they get too hot. Simply dropping a magnet, or striking it against something, might be enough to demagnetize it. They can even lose magnetic strength from too much handling or use. If the magnet... More »
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Typically you can recharge a magnet by leaving it attached to another magnet for a while. This will re-polarize the metal and in essence recharge the magnet. However it won't be a permanent fix. The only way to recharge a magnet is with an electronic machine that is very expensive and hard to build.
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You can strengthen magnets by placing them in water, stacking them on top of each other or recharging them. The method of making a magnet stronger depends on the ...
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