How to Reduce Eye Puffiness after Crying?


There are some great ways to reduce eye puffiness after crying. You can try chilled tea bags on your eyelids for about 20 minutes. You can also try the ever popular trick of using chilled cucumber slices as well.
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1. Splash cold water directly on the eyes at the first sign of puffiness. Splash for three to five minutes, and swollen blood vessels around the eyes will shrink. 2. Tap the eyelids
Sleeping on two or three pillows at night can help reduce puffy eyes. Some other things that will help are cutting down on salt, and not wearing eye makeup to bed.
I wouldnt put ice under your eyes as the skin underneath them are very sensitive and the capillaries may burst! The best thing to do is to place cucumber slices on them, cold tea
You could try flushing your eyes out with water for refreshment, but
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How to Reduce Eye Puffiness After Crying
Sadness and distress sometimes trigger the flow of tears. As stress relieving as it may be, crying also produces unsightly eyelid swelling. Blood flow increases to the eyes, and excess fluid secretes from the tear ducts. These reflex tears are less salty... More »
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Natural, food-based remedies, including potatoes, cucumbers, tea bags, egg whites or milk placed on the eyes all reduce puffiness, according to the Times of India ...
There are several remedies of getting rid of puffy eyes from crying. Deep two tea bugs in hot water for five minutes let the bugs cool slightly then place them ...
To help a man reduce/get rid of puffiness in his eyes so he can look younger he can do several things. First, putting slices cucumbers on eyes work just as well ...
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