How to Reduce Eye Swelling?


If the swelling is due to an injury, you should apply ice to the area and periodically check to see if the swelling is going down. If it is from allergies or something else, try placing a slice of cold cucumber on the eyes and relaxing for about 5 minutes.
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1. Visit your doctor so he can examine you and check your eyes. There are many causes for allergic eye swelling and irritation that must be ruled out before your doctor can develop
Gently apply a cold compress to reduce eye swelling. Taking pain medication like
TO reduce facial swelling try using cool, cold cucumber slices with a little bit of lemon or lime on them. Known to decrease wrinkles and swelling cucumbers are excellent for this
Things You'll Need. Pillow. Cucumber. Cotton pads. Ice water. Eye makeup remover. Drinking water. Cold tea bags. Now: Use a pillow when you sleep. Keeping your head elevated above
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Under-eye swelling is known as periorbital puffiness. A cold compress can help reduce the amount of puffiness under the eye. Cold, wet teabags can help, as can ...
1. Make a cold compress with a clean, damp washcloth. Dampen a washcloth and place it in the refrigerator. 2. Lay down with your head propped up with an extra ...
To reduce the swelling of a black eye, one can apply an ice pack. Applying an ice pack will constrict the capillaries and reduce internal bleeding. ...
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