How to Refelt a Flat Shed Roof?


Nail top edge and overlap with next layer of felt gluing over the nail heads on previous row. Top row goes over the apex and glued on both sides of shed, not nailed. Nail battons on to end to tidy up. Have some new stanly blades and leave a little long to trim in situ. Be careful as it can tear easily but you can patch it with the glue but not to aesthically pleasing.
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1. Pull up all the existing felt from the roof with a hammer or pry bar to remove it. Remove all nails that are set in place. Pull up all three layers of existing felt, being careful
If, you hire someone, probably $500 for labor, maybe less. The reason I say this. Most people charge by the Square, 3 bundles of shingles is a square and if I remember correct, a
materials should be about £100 and labour £80, get three quotes inc materials....edit...I forgot to tell you that I live in Ireland too and I just got my shed covered
Sabina, This is a complicated problem best left to a qualified designer, preferably a Roof Consultant or specialized Architect/Engineer. I would consider going to
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To refelt a flat roof, first remove the existing felt and measure the roof's dimensions. Cut the felt according to the measurements of the width and length of ...
Remove old coverings.Check before recovering.Take the dimensions. Place the first strip of felt on the side of the roof. Get ready to start fixing the new felt ...
Having a great roof is one of the most important aspects of building a shed. You want to protect our possessions from the weather and keep your own head ...
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