How to Refill Print Cartridges?


If you have an ink jet printer cartridge it is possible to refill it yourself by purchasing a refill kit. This kit includes everything you need including the ink. You can purchase these on-line or from some local computer stores. Make sure you do not let your cartridge run completely empty before refilling because it can dry out and be difficult to fill.
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1. It's important to care for your printer. Turn on your printer and open the lid. Remove the cartridge by pressing it forward gently and pulling it out. Refer to the owner's manual
Since there are so many types of ink cartridges, there are different instructions for each type. It would be best just to follow the instruction on the refillable ink. Always refill
around 2000 pages and then u can refill it!
1. Use pliers to remove the valve. Hold the empty cartridge with one hand and use the pliers to pull out the brass valve which is found in one end of the cartridge. Use steady pressure
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Printer ink is one of the most expensive things that you'll run into when you set up your home office. If you follow this how-to guide and refill your print cartridge ...
1. Place the print cartridge on top of several layers of newspaper. Use the small drill that is included with the refill package. Place the tip in the small hole ...
1. Wait for solid light to come on, and then lift the scanner head. 2. Locate the cartridge(s) to be replaced by noticing where the print head is located. It will ...
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