How to reformat my computer?


To reformat your computer you need the disks that came with the computer when you originally purchased it. Simply insert the disks into the disk drive and follow the instructions it tell you.
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To reformat your computer, insert the installation disk. Reboot your computer using the installation disk and select the boot menu when it goes to start up. A blue screen will appear and allow you to reformat your computer from there.
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Locate your operating system CD. Place it into the CD-ROM and allow it to run. Follow the on screen instructions. It may ask you to delete partitions. This must be done in order to
1. Save your files. Before beginning. save any important files that have been created or saved on your PC to an external hard drive. This only applies to files that was created after
Back up everything you want to save. When you reformat your computer, you'll lose all the data currently on it. Back up any data you want to save before you reformat. You'll have
how to- reinstall with a an .iso for the version of linux, windows or mac. mount to a hard drive then put it and run it. restore to certain point (windows)go to start,
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You need a bootable CD or your original operating system disc to reformat a computer. In the BIOS settings of the computer, you need to change the bootup sequence ...
The best way to reformat your computer is to place your operating system install disc or restore disc in the CD or DVD drive. After rebooting the disc will start ...
To reformat your computer if you are using a Windows based system you need a Windows operating system installation disk with CD-KEY, device drivers, and antivirus ...
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