How to Register a Business Name UK?


To register a business name in the UK, you need to register the name under the department that is registering the business. You first need to search the National Business Register whether the name is used another business. You can choose to register the name as a trademark to give you more power on the name or just register it along while registering the business. For a company, contact the Companies House and for a non-profit organisation, contact the IRS.
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1. The first step to registering a company in the UK is to have a UK address. You will need an address in England, Scotland or Wales to be the official company address on paper. This
This is done at your local Department of Commerce. Depending on the laws in your state, this could be an easy of difficult process. Check your government section of your white pages
1 Get a DBA registration form from your state's secretary of state, either in person or online, if available (see Resources). This form is called a "fictitious name filing"
1. Decide on a name for your business. Your product or service that you offer will help you decide on a name for your business. You can try to incorporate your service or product
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To register a business name, you need to do a search to confirm that the name is not yet registered by a different business. You can register the name and logo ...
1. Register your business name as a trademark in order to nationally register your business name. This will protect your business name nationally. You will need ...
If you are the owner of a small business and are operating under a name other than your own, you might be required to register with the local or state government ...
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