How to Register as Blind?


To register as blind you need to get a certification from an ophthalmologist for visually impaired. The ophthalmologist will then submit it to the local social services department after assessing your qualification.
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Well, I would say definitely start learning to drive. But if where you live is the city and you can go without driving to where you want or handle other people driving you then I
Sandra, 42, has just been registered blind. She has a recent degree in German and English, and previously worked as a nursery school teacher earning £22,700.
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(Medicine) (in the United Kingdom) a list of those who are blind and are therefore entitled to financial and other benefits
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To register as blind you need to submit yourself for a check-up at an ophthalmologist. You will then be examined and, if found qualified, given a certification. ...
According to the RNIB, some two million people suffer from sight loss in the United Kingdom. Note that not all of these people are totally blind. For more information ...
People eligible to be registered as disabled include those who are blind or partially sighted, profoundly or severely deaf, without speech, and lacks arms or has ...
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