How do you reheat corn on the cob?


You can reheat a corn on the cob in a microwave or in boiling water. The best way to reheat it is in boiling water that way it heats it all the way through.
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A. Wrap it in wax paper and micro wave for 45-60 seconds.
Freezing corn is done by blanching the corn in boiling water for 3 minutes. Put them into a freezer bag and make sure to take the air out.
When freezing vegetables, the goal is to retain freshness as well as nutritional value, and the same holds true if you want to know how to freeze corn on the cob. To get the best
-Put the corn in a microwave safe container.-Add water to it.-Put it in the microwave until warm.
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It is easiest to reheat corn in the microwave. Place the corn in a baking dish (microwave safe), with acouple teaspoons water, and heat for about 90 seconds.
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